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Flower Mania


I have always been a big lover of flowers and garden..mostly real flower interests me.The reason would have been my upbringing as my mother or my grandmother or my aunts and off late my motherinlaw ..are all in to gardening or show some interest in plant care..So its inside me i suppose..and then i decided to take it one step ahead.

I give the credit to always helping me get whatever i search for :-)
So Flower mania is my love for flowers..and few of my humble creations are shared below..

Most flower patterns shown below are up-cycled ones.So anyone can give it a try with the minimal stuff you got at home.

Cloth Flower

This one is from a unused cloth piece i had.It had little shine which gave me the Cloth flower idea.
Petals are from cloth cut from circular patterns..folded and threaded.Guests coming love it coz of it brightness and eyes wide open look..

Satin Ribbon Flower
This one is a trial with real shrub branch which u can get from a garden, and of course i got one.. Flo…