Crochet craze

As days pass by i know i have so much to learn and my fascination is heightened every time i come across a new stitch..a new pattern..and a new design discovery..

Minion Crochet Time

They are the cutest sweetest loveliest thing i have ever seen.Basically i am not a fan of amigurumi. But when i got the idea of an amigurumi minion, i knew i had to do it. Saw a few tutorials online and did my own version.
Design aspect- This one is an easy design .Just learn the basics of amigurumi like SC, decreasing , increasing, thats all.

minion crochet

minion crochet

Mini coin purse

Whenever i ccme accross a vintage sort of product i feel a strong affinity to it..Indian or foreign..Purses with metal frame gives me that happiness when i am designing them.Granny square pattern is done and fitted to this imported metal frame for that antique look.

crochet coin purse

Classy Party Hand Cluch

Design idea i got it from a lace tote on pinterest. Somehow i like my products to be a bit sturdy mostly because its always good to have a shape of its own.So what i did was create a simple clutch purse and made a seperate motif with shiny golden yarn for some sturdiness.

crochet hand clutch


Am not adding the pattern here as it is readily available all over the web.I only did a small variation towards the end rows givimg a frilled effect.Video link is also added.
I totally love itttt,,,,

crochet poncho

Owl Cartoon bag

crochet owl bag

My Strawberry Purse

This also i am not adding the pattern as u need to learn is a scale stitch/Crocodile stitch
As it so yummy i call it My Strawberry Purse.Also adding the YouTube link below.

crochet strawberry purse

Turquoise Trendy Bag

Another pattern i was dying to learn and try.
Its a very trendy design and turquoise blue gave the oomph factor to the bag.Would be great to team it with a white top blue jeans..or a black dress..

crochet designer bag

Tropical Fun Bag

Just as it looks, cheerful and pleasant, its made for some one who is jovial and exuberant young girl.
That was the reason behind the pink and white selection and the flower crown gave a very princess effect to it.She wanted the sling pattern and hence the colorful matching sling pattern.
And the best part is she loved it...
Design is beginner level with granny squares joined and puff stitch flowers sewed as shown.

crochet bag

Minion Mobile Back Case

 Its my minion love continuation.i want to make more of this type for pillows..stuff toys..key chains..

crochet minion mobile back case

Baby / Kids Accessories

She is a very close friends very pretty daughter, and she is wearing one of my hair accessory patterns.
I believe young girls just look so wonderful in these colourful flowers.
Its the age i feel that is able to carry off any vibrant colours so coolly 

crochet hair accessory

These are done using chain flower pattern meaning they are not seperate flowers. This type is used mainly for lace patterns.
This is me.

crochet hair accessory

She is another very beautiful cute smiling neighbor of mine.She looks sooo cute just like a pretty flower herself.She has very thick lovely black hair and i have noticed that any hair band or bow of accessory looks wow..

crochet hair accessory

crochet hair accessory

She is my lovely niece..super cute doll. Babies are another level when it comes to colourful hair accessories..everything on them looks so genuine and stylish that can make any designer happy and content.
crochet hair accessory

This is our sweet little baby Mythili wearing the flower hairband. Sooo cuutee...This is one of my first designs and as she lived far off it was send to her.So i left some length at the end to adjust as per her size.

crochet hair accessory

An angel named Mena wearing the flower bow i made for her.

crochet hair accessory

Story Sofar.....
This craze started soon after college when i bought a mobile pouch which was knitted .Back of my head i kept thinking about the knots and stitches in them..i didnt know word crochet also..
Then a friend knitted a pink baby blanket and i thought it was soooo beautiful and so i decided to learn..
My grandmother became my teacher.
She was a pro at crochet once and when i asked her to teach me ,she was so quick at creating the stitches as if she was doing it till yesterday and i was astonished...!!!
Now lemme show few of my trials and experiments..
1. learning some stitches..Planning to turn them in to head band or wrist band...
2.Dangling earring pattern..
3.Ring earring pattern..
4.I was trying a pattern and wen it finished..i thought it turned in a designer jewelry.
5.Earrings..Crochet is all abt numbers.Since i didnt count the no of stitches in the first one,the second one looks a bit diff...
7.A thing of pride i would call first crochet purse and i love it..its my mob pouch..
Stitch is double crochet.
7.Black beauty..a gift for my fav pretty as her...
This is again a double crochet pattern.
8. Another small pouch for gifting.Am sure it will bring a smile.
Pattern is Triple Crochet.

9,This one is a crochet earring design with beads.
One thing i noticed is that crochet earrings or the jewelry is so light weight that we would feel so relaxed wearing it.Its a double crochet pattern.
When working with beads please remember to insert the beads first in to the yarn and then start the project.
crochet earring

10. New addition is a granny square mat...which i did in diff colours.
It has become a doily for our glass table.

11.Flowers are always my love..So this ones are my fav..

12. An idea to give some weight to my lightweight earrings..I think only then it would stay right above our shoulders.
crochet earring

13.Bubble Purse
This is the last and my best someone said...Its the crochet puff stitch pattern i learned and designed this cute little purse..

crochet bubble pattern

1.chain the required length.
2.dc in every chain. row. 2 sc. then puff stitch in next chain(5 times pull).then 3 sc.then puff stitch
4.again sc on top row 4sc and puff stitch.
6.repeat.make 2 sheets of this with req height 2rows of dc above both the sheets of puff stitch layers.

                                                    14.Star Design Shawl..

This is my first shawl experiment.Wanted to try something unique.This pattern i got from loved crocheting this one.It was like solving a math prob.
crochet star shawl

                                  15. Crochet Purse with some puff and joined dcs.

This is totally my own design i can say.When i made puff stitch purse, i knew it was a plain pattern.
So i decided to make something of my own.But could not leave puff stitches.And the outsome is this cute colourful 'hey u all look at me' purse.:-)

Design pattern is same on both sides.
chain 4 and slip stitch
chain 4 and dc.then chain 1 and dc(do this 8 times)
now in every chain space do a joined dc of 2dcs with 2 chain space.(ie first do a joined dc two times.chain 2 and do a joined dc of 2.repeat this in every chain space of previous ring.
now in every chain space do a puff stitch.(ie do 5 dcs.then join the first dc with last dc) and chain 2.repeat this in all the chain 2 spaces.
Lastly so 3 dcs in every space follwed by 1 chain to the next space and 2 at the corners to form a square.

Make 4 similar squares and attach with panels(dc stitches) in the middle and above.
Make a plated string to end.

16.Crochet Earrings with beads

This is a simple pattern were u make a semicircle by not completing the complete circle of the next row.
Attach the beads and thats it....

crochet earring

17.Latest on the list is this Sunflower granny hexagon purse.
crochet hexagon pattern

20 hexagons are joined together to form this.
I have used a shiny yarn for that effect.
chain4.slip st.
round1-chain3..and make total 12 dc in the chain.
                  round2-chain3.then one dc.chain 1.make a set of 12 2dc+1ch 
                                          round3-chain3. then3 dc in chain space.continue this as a set on the corners after every 3dc chain 2 and the 3dc in the same chain space.there will be a set of 6 such sets.
join the hexagons to form the design.

18.Hoops hoops hoops..
crochet earring

crochet earring

19.Sunflower granny square pattern..Purse
This one seems to be better than the first one i feel.

crochet sunflower pattern

Isnt it cute.??
Make 15 granny squares.
Use a slightly shiny yarn for that effect for the maroon colour.
chain4.slip st.
round1-chain3..and make total 12 dc in the chain.
                  round2-chain3. then 2 dc.chain 1.(make a set of 12 3dc+1ch )
                                          round3-chain3. then 2 dc in chain space.continue this as a set on the corners to form square after every set of 2 3dcs make a corner.with 2 chain space between the set of 3dcs worked in the same chain space.

20.Cute Mobile Pouch
This is done on request for a relative aunt.Has come out really cute i feel..

crochet mobilr pouch

21.Traditional mobile pouch / Sunflower mobile pouch
This one is made for some one very sis in law..and for her big mobile phone.She says that these days its difficult to get variety pouch for all the different phone models that come to the market every day.
So i made this one for a person who loves bright and vibrant colours.She loved it..that made my day..!!!

crochet mobile pouch

chain st
round 1-chain3,11 st
round 2-chain3, 1 dc, chain 2 then (make a grp of 2 dc in every chain space with chain 2 space in between)
round 3-chain4, 1 dc(make a grp of 3 dc in every ch space) form square by doing 3 more dcs in the same ch space with 2 chain in between only at 4 corners)
round 4-repeat the same with a diff colour
make 4 such squares and join centres.
with the orange yarn create a patch to join both the sides.its a chain 5 and then all dcs.
for the strap i joined all three colours.

22. African Flower party purse.

This took the max time compared to the rest of purses..And i guess it has come out welll..Am happy.Again its made on req..So its SOLD OUT....haaaaha.

crochet bag with african flower motif

crochet african flower

for the purse.chain 40.and do triple crochet for the width req for the purse.I did 18 rows..
for the sling-i have braided equal no of cut yarn.
for flower
round 1
chain st.chain 3.dc.chain 2.then do 5 more times 2 dc 2 ch and sl st to complete.
round 2
change yarn
chain 5(to start the next row at the right place).2 dc in the previous row ch space.
chain 1.then 2 dc.then chain 2.2 dc in the same chain space.continue this in all chain spaces.for the final st bring back the yarn in the starting space dc and then sl st.
round 3..forms the petal row
do 7 dcs in the space between the 2dcs seperated by 2 chain spaces.after 7 dcs chain 1 and continue same around.
do sc above all the 7 dcs.then do a sl st thru the second round chain space.this will give the petal shape completely.
round 5
above all the chains do dcs through out.To form hexagon make corners with one ch space.

join the flowers side by side.and stitch this on the purse.:-)

23.Granny Square Bag

granny square designs

 24.Granny Square Clutch Purse

crochet purse / granny square designs

I had this feeling to do something i hadnt done before.So a proper doily struck my mind.
Checked few patterns online and made one on my own.
One is a simple and other is a frilled type.Its kinda ok..

crochet mandala

crochet mandala

26.Crochet wall art
This is totally new for me.I wanted something on the new house..something different and happened to come across this.But cudnt get the exact pattern from the net.somehow i managed to make my own.Result is here.
crochet wall art

27. Crochet flowers
After i finished my wall design, i wanted to make more of those cute flowers for a vase.
Aint they super cute.;-)..

crochet flowers

Reference links-
For easy understanding of the stitches the link i follow-


  1. Good...keep up the good work...

  2. Great work!!! Keep it up!!! All the BEST!!!

  3. Pretty new earrings, purse & shawl !!! What is next on ur to-make list?

  4. I like the last black one the best among purses... :)

  5. such lovely work. very generous of you to use your time and talent to create gifts for your loved ones. bless you.

    1. Thanks..I feel happy creating stuffs and giving...

    2. Thanks..I feel happy creating stuffs and giving...

  6. such lovely work. very generous of you to use your time and talent to create gifts for your loved ones. bless you.

  7. Thanks for sharing such a great information..Its really nice and informative.

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