My Paintings

My Paintings

This blog is my attempt to collect and store my own drawings or paintings to a single place.I have been thinking about something like this for a while and then blogging hit me.
Thought about FB..then googleplus..But then again my  interests have changed over the past years.
Also i decided on blogging coz for people who r actually interested in art and diy lovers like me can get this if they search for a particular thing i have here.Thats the basic plan.Lets see how it moves forward.

Acrylic on canvas

This one is my first mural work of a princess i did for a friends wedding..
This is again from a website i googled..
My drawing genes are pretty ok which helps me with the basic drawing skill that is required to draw the basic faces and features or mural designs.And since it was the first one i took a less complicated one.These colours and shapes just fascinates me everytime is see a new one.

Acrylic on canvas- Mural painting of Kannan me my another Mural painting attempt or our Ambalapuzha Unnikkannan..
Again pic from google. Drawing my me.
This was a gift for my Amma coz she told me that she too wants one of my mural paintings..It looked pretty good with the framing and all..Am happy when people compliment saying it really looks mural..But i know i need to learn it one day..the real art of mural painting...yes one day..

Mural krishna

Again its mural obsession.This time i have found a friend who helps me and clears my doubt.
The main thing to be noted is that this style of painting has a history.So when we r dealing with something like that , to get the real look of mural painting, you have to know the underlying technique.Of course if you are talented you can reproduce it to an extend, but it would be only a painting of krishna or shiva or ganesha.It wont be mural painting. Thats when is found this person who is a professional and got a heart to help. I had infact found another lady prior to this and realised that not everyone has a heart to help.So this person was cool enough to divulge the techniques to me.
So now i know little bit more..and definitely the next paintings of mine would be more muralish...

Lord Ganesh Mural 

This was done before krishna was done and i have tried to bring the maximum mural style and techniques in this one as well
If u notice everything has a different style in this type of paintings..the colour.the ormaments..the attire..and mostly the facial expression..Expression is the hardest thing for me to get.They have a worldly look.sensuous look.or a very godly ..above all look...

Krishna Radha Mural

This is the most complicated one i have done so far with more than one character.There are many errors i see but many have liked it and am actually selling it to a excited and motivated..
Am an artist now..;-)


Glass Painting - Urban Chic

Its acrylic on glass..This is again a gift idea...and the green umbrella was to compliment the green room of a new home..

Glass Painting-Acrylic on glass 

This one was done on request by friend..Happy he loved it..This is a favourite one.

A glass painting that i have done with acrylic and glass paint.


DIY-Acrylic on canvas

This second one is on canvas...Got the idea from one of the DIY sites is have always followed.Its a beautiful and easy technique used to do this.
An insulation or cello tape is first stuck on a fresh canvas board and the desired colours are filled as per our imagination,,with shading or even with out.Once thats done and paint is dry, lift the tapes...and painting is just ready...

A blog that gave big inspiration for me is by Bhavani Harikrishnan.She has done too many painting projects which are really a class apart.

ITS painting season again for me..painting bug bit me real hard this was madness..some sort of longing..some desperation..some obsession to vent out.. splash those do some pencil create something..and yes to pour my heart out to the canvas..may be a running away..may a getting closer...
so this is the result...and its still onnn..

Acrylic on canvas-couples and scenery.

A lot of people actually liked this one. one friend said she wants it. I might give also.


This was just a try. Saw few photos on google and wanted to try drawing it instanly..


I felt that charcoal is a more effective way of expressing your drawings.When it comes to getting darker shades and large picture and variety of tones charcoal seem best.Then again it is purely a personal choice.I wanted my drawings to be really black and intense and so i used charcoal.
Smudging is one disadvantage if you are using soft compressed.An artists fixative could be used in such cases.

Also portrait can get max realistic look from charcoal.Am not a fan of portrait drawing.This was just an experiment and i think it flopped.

Abstract is best with charcoal.And i had some were seen the image of butterflies inside a jar.It was always in my mind.But i didnt want it to remain inside...wanted it to escape and that is how this work came to life.Happy that so many have liked this..

Animals..faces..eyes..again charcoal is awesome. Thats how this face of dog came to life.


  1. now u reached in the right path...the great path of an artist..wish u all the success...

  2. Miles to go before you sleep!!! You must not stop!!!

  3. 'Urban Chick' - Booked!!!

    By the way - loved each of those..Waiting to see the next set of Paintings...

  4. Hi Lakshmi,

    What a delightful surprise! Loved every bit. You are such a creative person. I am now tempted to learn crochet. God bless!

  5. Oh Sorry Lakshmi. I forgot to tell you who I was. It is me Geetha Narayanaswamy. :-))

  6. Damn , i have seen some of the stuff before , but seeing so many of these back to back....just wow!! Lady you are a magician! Keep on dazzling with your work!

  7. These are just amazing lach. .. Ithrem pratheekshichilla. ..outstanding

  8. These are just amazing lach. .. Ithrem pratheekshichilla. ..outstanding


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