Dasmia crochet jewellery

Dasmia crochet jewellery

These days am madly crocheting and as always i crochet things i love, a purse or a bag and EARRINGS i love earrings and with all the colours and variety of yarn i just wanted to create a few , ofcourse with a lot of help from various online tutorials...
And DASMIA is a brand name i made,just for fun,everything has to have a name..
Few of my patterns are shown here.

Some Facts-
1. Yarn earrings are very light weight.
2. Yarn earrings can be made a little heavier by using beads.
3. If we are making yarn earrings, make sure that we harden the yarn a little so that the earrings dont loose its intended look due to the softness of the yarn.
4. Yarn can be hardened by this following method-

Yarn hardening technique for earring or other accessories

Mix Fevicol and water in the ratio 5;1.
Dip the earring in it for a while till the yarn absorbs the liquid,
Take it out and dry it.
The yarn motif would have become harder by now.
Same can be connected to the remaining earring accessories.

Courtesy to many different websites and blogs and tutorials and patterns....


This section is all about DASMIA satisfied happy customers..wearing DASMIA..
Their smile is my happiness......


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