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Mural Paintings on Fabric

Mural Painting on Fabric

My fascination for mural designs started from school days.In those days it was very difficult to get a real mural painting with out spending quite an amount.But now we have access to other means like the internet and of course the cheap printed pictures for study available almost everywhere.
The Mural designed sarees are still costly as the time taken to create one is rather too long.The one with printed motifs are available with less cost..but the real ones are my interest...
So when i was doing fabric painting this thought struck me.Why not i try??And so created a few versions of my own.
The process is slightly tedious but worth the time..

Mural Painting on Fabric - Process

1.Decide on what is to be drawn on the saree
2.Draw the design on a large drawing sheet.
3.If the material is white and light,trace the design by keeping it under the saree.
   If the material is dark trace with the help of a carbon paper or draw design directly to saree.
4.Fill in with de…