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My Paintings

My Paintings

This blog is my attempt to collect and store my own drawings or paintings to a single place.I have been thinking about something like this for a while and then blogging hit me.
Thought about FB..then googleplus..But then again my  interests have changed over the past years. Also i decided on blogging coz for people who r actually interested in art and diy lovers like me can get this if they search for a particular thing i have here.Thats the basic plan.Lets see how it moves forward.


Acrylic on canvas
This one is my first mural work of a princess i did for a friends wedding.. This is again from a website i googled.. My drawing genes are pretty ok which helps me with the basic drawing skill that is required to draw the basic faces and features or mural designs.And since it was the first one i took a less complicated one.These colours and shapes just fascinates me everytime is see a new one.

Acrylic on canvas- Mural painting of Kannan me my another Mur…