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Crochet craze

As days pass by i know i have so much to learn and my fascination is heightened every time i come across a new stitch..a new pattern..and a new design discovery..

Minion Crochet Time
They are the cutest sweetest loveliest thing i have ever seen.Basically i am not a fan of amigurumi. But when i got the idea of an amigurumi minion, i knew i had to do it. Saw a few tutorials online and did my own version. Design aspect- This one is an easy design .Just learn the basics of amigurumi like SC, decreasing , increasing, thats all.

Mini coin purse

Whenever i ccme accross a vintage sort of product i feel a strong affinity to it..Indian or foreign..Purses with metal frame gives me that happiness when i am designing them.Granny square pattern is done and fitted to this imported metal frame for that antique look.

Classy Party Hand Cluch

Design idea i got it from a lace tote on pinterest. Somehow i like my products to be a bit sturdy mostly because its always good to have a shape of its own.So what i …